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The main objective of this blog is simple


We often forget that as we go through our lives there are so many things we purchase that cost a lot of money; buying a house is a huge capital investment; buying a car is another large outlay of our hard earned money.  Of course we can’t dismiss having children and all the costs that we incur over their lifetime with clothes, activities, braces, the list goes on and on, but so often we forget just how much we spend on furniture as time goes on.

As an example, let’s take the average three bedroom, two bathroom house.  If each bedroom is, say $3,000 per room for the kids; the master bedroom we’ll pretend is another $5,000; a dining room table, six chairs and a hutch and or buffet could be $5,000.  A kitchen table and four chairs at $1,000; in the family room – a sofa, loveseat, and chair at $4,000 and let’s not forget the living room at another $4,000 to $10,000 for sofa, loveseat and chairs plus some end tables and a coffee table – and you see how quickly this investment starts to climb.  Before you know it you have spent $25,000 in home furnishings and most of time, far more.

In addition let’s not forget the outdoor furniture you buy every couple of years because the old stuff has worn out, even though you only use it for a few months of the year.  Add a couple of cabinets in the bathroom and a few storage units in the garage and now you have spent a serious chunk of cash.

So, if you’re going spend a heap of money on your home furnishings over your lifetime why not make quality choices of furniture that looks great, lasts for long periods of time, and most importantly, fits you, your family and friends properly.  When making your selection, it’s not that hard to make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor when trying out a dining room chair.  Chairs too high!  Tables too low!  Sofas too deep!  I go to friends’ homes on a regular basis and sadly, I cannot believe how often they own furniture that does not fit them.

The real secret is “buying the correct size the first time around”.  That plain and simple!  Know what the furniture is going to be used for; then seek out the size that will fulfill those requirements.  YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

A great example of this is when you go to your buddy’s house to watch a football game.  He has a beautiful soft plush looking sofa with drink holders and recliners and you just can’t wait to plunge into the seat and start watching TV, however, 10 minutes into the game you notice that the back height of the sofa is so low that when you lean your head back there is no support.  You are now looking at the ceiling.  This may be cool for an hour or so but over the course of time this will slowly drive you crazy.  My point is, if my buddy had been completely aware of what he really needed to create the long term comfort then he wouldn’t have made that mistake.

More often than not people buy furniture for the way it looks and not for the way it performs.  What do they really need it for?  What is its ultimate purpose in the home or office?  This blog is to aid and assist the consumer in making great furniture choices so that you acquire the furniture that will best serve you and your family’s needs.