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Most homes have more than one bedroom; Master bedroom, spare bedroom, kid’s bedroom; all with different storage requirements.  We can’t stress enough that measurements are critical to the success of your bedroom in order to optimize its footprint and functionality.  There are many online room planners you can use to prepare for choosing your bedroom furniture pieces, leaving your shopping trip to be a fun outing to discover the many styles available in your local stores.Kids-Bedrooms-Puzzle 585x330

Don’t be daunted by the variety of names, most of them are interchangeable and quite often the sales rep doesn’t need a perfect description in order to direct you to an awesome choice.

  • King Size
  • Queen Size
  • Full or Double Size
  • Twin or Single Size
  • Chest, Media chest, Lingerie Chest
  • Nightstand, Bachelor’s chest
  • Wardrobe, Armoire
  • Vanity, Makeup table
  • Trundle, Captains bed
  • Sleigh bed, Platform bed