How to buy a Room Divider

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Room dividers can be a wonderful way to separate space visually without having to erect a permanent wall.  In most cases they will not be a sound barrier between two spaces but they can create a whimsical look and feel to a room.  Just the fact that you can’t see into the divided space is enough to make the user feel like they are in a different space.  No matter whether the panels are opaque or see through, a room divider creates a unique environment.

Room dividers come in hundreds of different options and materials.  Individual stand-alone frames, two and three part folding frames, multiple folding frames, wall suspended, and ceiling suspended are some of the more common styles available.  You need to decide which option works best for you and your space.  Once you applied tracks to the ceiling or the wall, then the divider becomes more of a permanent item.

The most common materials used are wood and metal frames with countless options available for the covering of the screens.  Wood panel, glass panel, fabric, mirror, and more creative styles with tree branches or perforated metal are all versions to help you create the perfect look.  This is another item that when searching the perfect room dividers go online and see what is available.  Most furniture showrooms will not have room dividers on the floor because they are usually not a top seller and they will be using valuable floor space.  They can easily bring in the unit that you selected once you have found the style you are looking for but check to see the stores return policy in case you really don’t like it once it has arrived.

Pay attention to the weight of the unit an ensure that it is not too heavy to move around the room, if required.  Some of these screens can become quite cumbersome with the materials used so check the units’ weight before committing.

If it is a free standing floor unit make sure that it is not too tippy.  Grab a hold of it and give it a good shake because the last thing you want is for it to fall over on somebody while you are entertaining guests.  The fixed versions will not have this problem however, you want to be sure that it is easy to slide them open and closed without any muss or fuss.  They should literally move with one hand into your chosen position.  If the hardware provided does not give you the feel you want, check to see if the hardware would be easy to change or adapt to your required use.  If not, keep shopping.

Some manufacturers make low height versions of their room dividers to accommodate areas that you might want to keep children or animals out of for safety or convenience.  Often these will match their higher versions exactly and  fit nicely into your room setting.

Check the overall construction and make sure they are well built and solid and rigid.  See how the manufacturer has made their connections from piece to piece and especially from frame to frame.  You want strong hinges that can take being opened and closed frequently.  Make sure that the selected material is well attached so there will be no chance of the covering coming off the frame in the future.  If you are going to be moving the room divider around a lot you want to be sure that will not fall apart.