How to buy a Chaise Lounge

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One the toughest questions to answer when purchasing a chaise lounge is, “How are you going to use it”?  Is this for the bedroom, or a little corner where you plan on curling up with a book to sit and be cozy, or is it a high functioning piece of furniture.  Is it for decoration; a work of art, where you bring into the room – a unique and fashionable piece of furniture?  If the unit is to be used for cuddling up with a blanket, most of time the user’s feet would be up on the unit, so the sitting-down function on it would be lessened.  If you are going to use the chaise as a day-to-day piece of furniture, you will have a few things to consider. When a chaise is being used every day you need to make sure that the seat pan is high enough for you to sit comfortably on with your feet flat on the floor. Most chaise lounges give very little back support to user because most often there is no back from side to side on the unit.  It almost becomes a marriage of a chair and a daybed.

Chaises come in many different configurations.  Single arm and back, two finished ends, one finished end, back and two arms, back and two high arms, high back corner with end and arms, and the list goes on.  Knowing how you wish to use the unit will aid in your selection process, but no matter what the purpose, it will look wonderful and can serve as a great piece of furniture in a room.

Generally they are designed in two ways, flat seat pan, and body contoured.  Flat seat pan styles are easy because you can add it into any room and it becomes a place to sit down.  The contoured seats are a little different because they have an inherent body shape molded into them.  They usually have a higher back and are contoured to fit the human body to create a stress-less fit for the user.  Some of these models will be adjustable so that you can sit up or raise your feet to find a suitable position for lounging.  The tough part with body contoured units is that most guests don’t sit in because of the reclined position they put into.  Women wearing a dress find it difficult to get in and out of, without having to hold down their outfit while in the process. It is seldom that a man will gravitate towards a chaise lounge to sit at a social function especially when wearing a suit and tie.  It’s an odd feeling to be in a full reclining position while chatting with guests.

Like with so much furniture today there are countless different styles, sizes, shapes, materials, colours and price ranges; it can be a task, albeit a fun one, to select the right one for your home.  As always, look online before heading out to see what you can find, but also for inspiration!  This can be a fun or romantic piece of furniture to indulge your imagination.  Not surprisingly, the selection of chaise lounges in showrooms may be limited, but they do try to display a smashing looking piece to grab your attention.

Always check the construction of the unit.  Does it feel strong enough for what you have planned for it?  Does it feel solid and rigid and well made?  Does it feel wiggly?  Remember, you could possibly have two or three people on the unit at one time so is it strong enough to handle that kind of weight and load.  Check the quality of the foam.  Does it have springs or coils for support?  Are the arms and back securely connected to the seating area.  Make sure the unit is built like a high quality sofa and this unique piece of furniture will last you for a long, long time.