How to buy a Monitor Arm

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A Monitor arm is a fantastic item to add to any computer set up.  Their job is easy.  Hold up your computer screen and allow you to move it into any position you wish.  Standard monitors come on a post and only allow you to move them up or down with a small percentage of tilt action.  With monitor arms you can tilt them, lift them, swing them in or out, and support multiple screens in the same area at the same time.

Adjustable monitor arms are available in single, double, triple and quad monitor holding capabilities so that whatever your requirements, you can have all your monitors held in a neat and compact area.  They can be mounted to a common post but all have the ability to move back and forth, up and down, and can be pulled individually screen by screen, right to edge of your desk surface so that you can easily read the small print on any page.  The triple and quad arms are mostly used in security offices, 911 dispatch areas, and industrial companies, etc., that require multiple screens running at one time; with the ability to see all the screens at once.

Some of the configurations allow you to have screens of different sizes connected to the same common post.  The great part is you can push, pull, lift up or down and they are no longer sitting on your work surface because they are all suspended over the top by the posts.  This frees up your entire work surface giving you more space to spread out your work.  The posts are connected to the work surface by a tension clamp or a connection devise that usually goes through the desktop to create a more rigid connection.  Monitor arms have the ability to hold up large size screens but if you have an exceptionally large screen, check the manufacturers specifications to be sure it will support the size and weight of the unit you are wishing to use.

Monitor arms will only be sold at office supply companies and office furniture dealerships in your city.  There is literally no call for them in the residential furniture side of things so you will not be running into them at a retail furniture showroom.  If you go online to check out different models and styles you will see that there is a fair amount of choice, however, generally speaking they come in a brushed nickel or black finish.  Some manufacturers will custom colour these for you and charge you a fee.

A nice feature of the monitor arm is that you can clean the work surface easily because the units are suspended over top rather than sitting on the counter.  The ergonomic benefit is that you can adjust the height of the monitor to be at the correct eye level for your sitting position, thereby alleviating strain on both your eyes and your neck.