How to buy a Murphy Bed

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A Murphy bed is an exceptionally useful piece of furniture.  They come in so many different shapes and sizes with countless colours, materials and configurations – what’s there not to like.  The convenience of having a TV room one minute and a cozy bedroom for family and friends the next is amazing.  It’s a great use of space in any household.  Many manufacturers have a set line of pre-designed units in several sizes and styles however, it doesn’t stop there.  Most of the Murphy Bed manufacturers and distributors are always willing to custom design anything that a customer can think of creating.  Your options are endless so all you need to decide is which room(s) you wish to use for a dual purpose.

The key factor to a Murphy Bed is the frame and mechanism.  Is it super strong?  Is it really easy to open and close?  If the user can’t easily maneuver the bed into the desired position, it is useless.  There are many different mechanisms on the market to choose from including power options, which are nice because no lifting is required.  Press a button and done!  Most of these mechanisms open and close effortlessly so it should be easy to find a frame design that you like.  Then comes the creative part where you select your size, style and finishes.

The best way to determine your bed design is to create a floorplan of the room and plan out a few options.  You need to make sure that when the room is being used as a bedroom you have enough space to fit a bed and the existing furniture at the same time.  If you have a few large and heavy existing units, can they be moved around easily or will you require help to move them from one room to another?  The pre-planning of an effective Murphy Bed is paramount.  Most of the manufacturers have a consultant that can come to your home and help plan out your space with you at no cost.

The mattress is another component of the bed and usually the frames are available in all mattress sizes.  You need to check with your bed frame manufacturer to see what the details are with regards to height/thickness and weight of your mattress.  They will have all of the specific details you require to head out and purchase the unit you need.  The level of comfort you wish to provide to your guests will then depend on your budget.  For a queen sized mattress you can spend $500 or $5,000.  The choice is yours.  If it’s going to be used on regular basis you might consider upping the comfort, but in reality most convertible beds are only used a handful of times per year.  Also, check with the mattress company you purchase from to find out if the mattress can be stored in an upright position without causing any harm to the product, especially the coils inside.

Installation should be handled by professionals.  This a heavy object and once in your home you want the unit securely attached to the wall(s).  Once the bed is installed it should feel solid and rigid like it is part of the room.  Be sure that the unit has an excellent warranty policy in case there are hiccups in the future.  Check to see what is expected from you for the regular maintenance on the unit.  “Does it need to be oiled twice a month”?  Often this will be covered in the manufacturer’s Service Plan.