How to buy a Pop-up Coffee Table

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A Pop-up coffee table is wonderful if you want the ability to convert your coffee table into a useable work surface with ease.  By simply grabbing the edge of the table you merely lift the top; it rises up and out to create an area that is multi-functional for the user.  Now that the surface is higher and closer to you, it’s easy to type on the computer, writing pad or for eating a meal.  Once you are done you simply push the top back into position and it is a coffee table again.


One of the key factors to a pop-up table is the mechanism.  It needs to be solid, rigid and high quality.  It must be able to open and close with ease; preferably by using only one hand.  There should be very little movement from the top when it is in the elevated position.  There will always be some play with the top but it should not be wiggling all over the place.  When it closes, the mechanism needs to easily fold into the down position without the user having to carefully line it up as it recedes back into place.  The springs or pneumatics need to be securely fastened to the table base so they can take the daily opening and closing.   Most importantly, for safety, the mechanism should not just collapse during any range of its extension.

The base of a pop-up coffee table should be heavily weighted enough to balance the extended table top while in use.  The table top should be able to support a person’s forearms leaning on it; and plate of food; and a beverage.  Make sure you open the unit at the store and test out its tipping factor by pressing down on the surface once it is fully extended.  Some manufacturers really beef up the base with additional weight so the unit will be less likely to fall over but if there is too much weight on a cantilever top, it will give way to gravity and tip over.  If you plan on using a computer on it, the same rule applies.  It’s better to discover the table’s capacity while it is still in the store, rather than in your home.

Check the construction of the table.  Make sure the unit feels solid and rigid.  When something opens and closes constantly it can wear on all of the table’s connections, especially when the giant springs are under a full load in the open position.

Often pop-up coffee tables come on castors just to provide ease of movement when trying to sweep or vacuum under the unit.  As I mentioned many of these tables are exceptionally heavy and could not be moved by one person.  Be sure to check the quality of the castors to see if they are durable enough to support the required weight long into the future, however that may not always be a deal breaker as replacement castors can be purchased from an industrial source.

A nice bonus with many of the pop-up table is they come with extra storage.  There are many configurations to choose from; most will have an open bin under the top, and of course, the requisite drawers and doors.

Without a doubt, these come in a huge selection of sizes, shapes, styles, materials and colours.  When you go online and check out the magic word, “Pop-up coffee tables” you will be amazed at how many there are to choose from.  These are almost the modern version of the TV Tray!  With such a high demand for people to multitask in their home, the popularity of Pop-up coffee tables has been addressed by most manufacturers and you will be able to find one for every taste and budget in the retail stores.