How to buy a Power Lift Chair

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A power lift chair is made for a very specific purpose.  When the situation may come up in somebody’s life where they are having trouble sitting into a chair or more importantly rising from a chair, this is where the Lift chair comes into play.  No matter the style/look of the chair, their sole function is to aid the user in getting in or out of the product.  These units have an electric motor that will lift the entire chair up so that the user needs only to turn around; with their back to the chair; and lean against the unit.  Using a hand held control device, the user presses the button and the chair slowly sinks back down with the user already seated.  The result is that they do not apply any weight on their own bodies to get into the chair.  Once the chair is in the down position, many of these units have a tilt mechanism so that the user can go into a reclining position for extra comfort or to sleep in the chair.  When it is time to get back up, the user simply presses the control button and the unit rises up until the person is in a standing position.  The user then needs to simply gain their balance and walk forwards.


I have seen these used over the years in private care, hospitals, and in residential applications and they really work.  It is such a blessing for people with physical ailments to be able to get in and out of a chair without having to apply pressure or weight onto aching muscles or bones.  It is a big help to a family that may have a user with diminished capacities so that they don’t have to assist them getting in and out of the chair.  It is also suitable for a user of ample proportions as most of these chairs are engineered to work with weights up to 400 lbs.  The wonderful benefit of these chairs is that it allows the elderly, the infirm or the disabled to have more independence in their own home.

One of the only setbacks to Lift chairs is that so many of them are not very stylish.  They tend to be large and bulky and have that old style recliner look.  Some manufacturers can give you style options for base style, back cushion style and fabric choices from their collection.  If you wish to provide COM, (customers own material) some of the manufacturers can do so, with an extra charge added.

The most important thing to remember with Lift chairs is what they are designed to do for the user.  Assist you to sit down and help you stand up…comfortably and safely. They work.

Of course a question that comes up a lot with powered furniture is, “Will the motor burn out”?  The simple answer is yes.  All electric furniture motors will burn out over time, but the good news is most manufacturers have replacement motors that are relatively easy to install or swap out for a new motor.  Also, think about the power motor in your car windows – have they ever broken on you?  Maybe so, but not very often!  The thing the consumer has to be careful of is; will the manufacturer be around for a while.  Check online and see how long the company has been in business and read some of the consumer comments.  If they seem like a reputable company then it is up to the consumer to decide if it is the right choice for them.  Once a company decides to close their doors it may be very difficult to find parts or motors down the road.