How to buy a TV Stand

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The TV stand I am making reference to is the free standing unit that has a TV placed on top of the it.  There are many different types of TV stands and wall units available in the market but this relates to a free standing TV stand.

The selection of TV stands available is very extensive!  There are so many styles and sizes that it makes this piece of furniture a challenging unit to purchase, especially because it is usually in room that everybody looks at, every day of the week.  So, you must have some parameters to keep in mind when seeking the perfect TV stand.

  • Do you want an open or closed unit?
  • How many pieces of equipment do you need to place/store, and what is the individual size of each one?
  • Do you want a storage option? (Drawers, doors, shelves).
  • Do you want to see all of the wires/cables hanging down or concealed?
  • What is the ideal height for your TV set in your space?
  • How high is the furniture you will be sitting on to watch the TV? (Do you want to look down or upwards at the set?)
  • Do you have sufficient receptacles, (plug-ins), to handle the wires/cabling you require?
  • Where is your cable outlet located? (Is it close to the proposed TV location?)
  • What size is your TV set? (What is the optimal position to watch it from?)
  • What material are you looking for? (Wood, metal, plastic, other).

No matter which material(s) you select for your TV stand it needs to be well built so it can handle all of the weight of the TV and the equipment you plan on using.  Whether the unit is an open or closed unit it still needs to be solid and rigid in its construction.  One of the best tests to give a TV stand is to sit on it and see if it can support your own weight.  If it cannot hold you up or if it seems wiggly, keep shopping.  You need a unit that can easily support over 100 lbs without feeling like it is going to collapse.

If you are going with a closed style unit make sure that there are pre-cut holes in the back of the unit for all of your power cords.  You don’t want to get home and find out that you are responsible for cutting all of the required cords exits.

Check the weight of the unit and see how difficult it would be to move the TV and stand away from the wall if you need to get behind the unit and make any adjustments to your cabling or for cleaning.

Once the unit is fully loaded and sitting in the space is there enough access to be able to clean it?  Can you reach with a duster or a cloth and wipe off excess debris without a fight?  Electronic equipment generally attracts lots of dust so it should be simple to access all parts of the unit without a problem.