How to buy a TV Tray

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There are many things to consider when buying a TV tray.  First on the list is; what are you going to use the trays for?  Serving and eating food?  Using a computer?  Writing a letter or reading a book?  Once you know how you will be using the tray it will assist you in determining the size, height, strength and stability of the unit you select.  Another important factor is the durability and how easy is it to clean and keep clean.  Generally TV trays come in two versions:  with legs of some kind or no legs when it is used as a lap tray.  Obviously there are far fewer options on the lap tray but they do work wonderfully.


The most common construction materials used are wood, plastic, metal and combinations of all of them.  There are countless different styles available to choose from.  They come in many different sizes from petite lap trays to full size stand up trays that can handle a dinner plate with a glass and all the accessories.  A lot of TV trays have folding legs so they are easy to take down and store.  Many come with a cart that the tables, typically a set of four, can sit upon and be stored together.  There are some fixed legged TV trays but this is when it starts to become more of a table and less of an occasional use convenience table.  They are also available in a “C” leg cantilever version which allows for the user to get their legs underneath the table without the fear of bumping into the table and knocking your items over.

Height adjustable TV trays are also a nice addition because it allows you to use the tables with all kinds of furniture and furniture heights.  Some chairs may have a 16” seat pan and others a 12” so being to adjust is a wonderful attribute.  Another nice option is castors on your TV trays.  Easy to move around a room or yard and easy to roll away to the storage area.

One of the only setbacks to TV trays is their stability.  Having a lightweight frame/folding legs make it tough to build a unit that can be rigid and strong.  Some companies have added some strength to the tables but not enough for you to have the confidence to sit on the table and think it’s going to support your weight.  Again, knowing how you wish to use your TV trays will certainly aid you in the purchasing process.

TV trays are very seldom even on the floor for display in most furniture showrooms but be assured there are hundreds of models to choose from online.  The only problem with online shopping is that you don’t get a chance touch it and feel it before you bought it.