How to buy an Entry Hall Table

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Sofa tables, console tables and entry hall tables are all very similar. They generally measure 26” to 36” high, 12” to 18” in deep, and 30” to 60” wide however; there are hundreds of different sizes available.  They can provide different heights in a room for decorations, plants, flowers etc.  They can act as a room divider depending on where it is situated in the room.  Depending on the configuration you select they can offer extra storage area in a room or a hallway.  They are extremely useful at the main entry of a home for putting keys, mail and sundry items.

Knowing where and what you are going use the table for will be a big help in selecting the best one.  If you wish to have the table in the middle of the room away from a wall be sure to confirm that the unit has a four sided finish.  Many hallway tables don’t have a finished back and would be exposed in the room.  Decide if you want storage in the table.  Do you want drawers, open shelves, swinging doors or a combination of them?  When you begin looking and see how many options are available to you it could take some thoughtful deliberation to make a final selection.

There are so many styles, shapes, colours, sizes and configurations that if you do your research ahead of time you will find a table that is suitable.  It’s that simple. The selection is endless.  I strongly suggest going online to see what is out there before embarking upon your shopping spree.

The same can be said for the materials available.  There is wood, metal, glass, plastics, mirror, stone and hundreds of combinations of these materials; so many that it is mind boggling.  You really need a good idea of what you’re open to before you start going to furniture showrooms.

Know how much space you have.  Measure the table out on the floor with painters tape and get sense of the size you want in the space.  Make sure it is not blocking off any of your walking patterns in the space.  If you opted for storage in the unit make sure that you can access it comfortably without being hampered by other objects in the room.  You want it to be easy to get out some wine glasses, for example.

When adding an entry hall table make sure you check your measurements.  How wide is the hallway?  If you currently have a 42” wide hallway and you plan on adding an 18” deep table you will now have a 24” space to enter and leave your home, which is too tight.  If you imagine your family or guests gathering at the door together, the space is very narrow.  A 36” access is okay but once you start getting smaller than that, it will feel very tight and compressed.   I have been to a friend’s apartment that has a deep entry hall table and you can barely move passed it without bumping into each other.

Like all furniture it should be solid and rigid especially if you opt for a storage type unit.  Check the quality of the construction and see if the joinery has been glued and screwed everywhere possible.  Check the hinges on the doors to see if they are adjustable and if not, are they at least quality hinges.  Check the drawers to see if they have used four sided drawers with a front panel and dovetail joints or butt joints.  Are the drawers easy to open and close?  Do the doors line up square when you open and shut them?  Most importantly does the unit feel stable and solid on the floor?

Beyond all of these technical assessments, try to keep an open mind about the styles available to you when you get into the stores.  Most companies manufacture common sizes and if you have a special requirement that is not easy to find, then perhaps consider having it custom made.  Then you can choose the exact size, finish and design for your exact space.