How to buy Nesting Tables

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I think nesting tables are great.  Three for the price of one.  LOL. If you are the type of person who enjoys entertaining and has lots of guests, then they are a fabulous way to ensure that everyone has a place to put their food or drink on.  The fact that they can be easily stored on top of each other is terrific; simple and convenient while taking up very little floor space.  


They come in hundreds of different styles, shapes, and sizes so the selection is great.  Commonly made of wood or metal, although there are some other materials in the market place, so if you couldn’t find the set you are looking for at a furniture store you can also go online and check out other versions that can be ordered in.  Many showrooms will have only a few versions of nesting tables on the floor but there are many more to look at and consider.  Two key factors are size and strength.  The easy part for sizing is that there is only one large table and the other two are of course smaller.  Once you see a height, shape and size you like you don’t have to worry if the other two will fit in the room.  As always, you want to be sure that the tables are strong and well-constructed.  All joinery should be glued, screwed and solid.  Check the underside of the tables to see if the manufacturer has added corner gussets for extra strength and stability.  Are the legs hardwood or a composite material?  Is there cross bracing from leg to leg for added strength?  Ultimately the nesting tables should be stable enough to support whatever it is you are going place on them.  (Food, drinks, lamps, decorations).  While you are in the store, practice restoring the tables to their nesting position to see if any of the surfaces scrape together. 

Know your current furniture heights so that when your nesting tables are in use, that they will be high enough for your guests to place items on them comfortably.  Very often manufacturers make nesting tables small and low so that they can be moved easily around the room without using up heaps of floor space.  If you wish to have larger scale tables, then you will need to keep looking.  They are out there if you are willing to continue your search.