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Hi there, I haven’t written in a long time.  It just goes to show you that our lives get very busy and before you know it, weeks flash by, before you know it months flash by and suddenly a whole year has passed.  So, what are we doing during this time – working, sleeping, and living our lives?  But, where do we spend this time?  Outside of work (and our car) our home becomes our haven; our cocoon.  We take comfort in our surroundings; at least the ones that we can create.  I know that I feel contented and safe in the nest that we have created.    I love being in my home; surrounded by my “things”.  Things, as most people say, are not supposed to define or own us, but I, for one, love all my colourful (purple) things.  They make me happy because they evoke feelings for me; of prettiness; of treasures; of memories.  They are also visually stimulating.  Sometimes I gloss by pictures and don’t really notice them; other times I suddenly pay more attention to the details and appreciate the creativity that drew me to them in the first place.

This just shows me how important it is to LOVE the “stuff” that you bring into your home!   Make choices that mean something to you.  Love the choices that you make.  Bring things into your home that you can live with, live on and enjoy using day, by day; by week; by month – every year.  We have furniture in our home that was bought half a lifetime ago and still, it gets used regularly.  It doesn’t need to be discarded simply because it is 30 years old.  It has its purpose; like the marble dining room table that gets used for all dinners of more than 4 people; that gets used by our son’s friends every Sunday to play board games; that is the sorting table for my other son’s collection of cards – 1,000’s of them.  This slab of marble earns its place in the home for everyday uses; we don’t save it for special occasions, or else it might not deserve to stay here.

Whatever it is that you choose to buy, love it for your own reasons and include it in your pattern of living.  Don’t make a quick purchase based on discounted price or on someone else’s say so: make sure that you want it!  Because . . . it is possible that you will own this for a very long time.

Trust me, it’s OK to love your STUFF.  I do.  Everyday.